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Message from Jocelyn Bamford re COID 19 virus update for Employers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


These are challenging times for us all to say the least.  Here is some information you may need.

I spent yesterday on conference calls with the Ontario government.  Vic Fedeli called to provide an update  and the Open for business group/ ministry of health held a conference call.  They will be holding weekly update on the Covid19 virus and providing updates from the Ontario government.  They reiterated that things will get much worse an that the key is to manage the spike so that their will be enough ventilators and ICU beds.  I stressed the importance of keeping the Canadian U.S, boarder open for commerce.

I briefed them that we require payment holidays on things like taxes and electricity to keep going during these times.  They are formulating resource kit for information we will need for our employees.

Both the Federal and provincial government are looking to source items that they will need during the fight of the virus.    If you believe that you can retool to provide items such as ventilators, masks, hand sanitizer etc.  Please let me know.

Both the provincial and federal government will be setting up a web site that businesses could register and I will pass this along to you when set up by the province. 

The Federal government also sent out this note.

Are you a manufacturer who can retool to manufacture critical medical equipment?

If your answer is "yes", the federal government wants to hear from you ASAP.  The need for ventilators and N95 safety masks is particularly acute.  Please contact

Please also send your pandemic plans to me so I can distribute them amongst the group so that we can formulate best practices.

More information to come.

Stay safe and well.


Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers & Businesses of Canada


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